Ship Repair &
Industrial Trade Support

We are a full-service maintenance partner.  Whether the project is emergent, planned, or requires specialty certifications, we accommodate client budgets and schedules.

Our craftsmen perform the following trades:
Welding | Ship Fitting | Pipe Fitting | Fabrication | Abrasive Blasting | Painting | Abatement | Rigging | Machinery Mechanic | Temporary Equipment Service

Our team of professionals include project managers, contracts administrators, quality assurance specialists, procurement and security officers, and health and safety inspectors.

Facilities Operation,
Maintenance & Repair

We are experienced program managers for a wide variety of client facilities.

From federal bases and luxury resorts to recycling facilities, our team of technicians and managers assures that equipment operations remain efficient throughout its life cycle, and service calls are responsive to minimize outages.

Technical, Mechanical, Construction Support Services

When ships and facilities require modernization or renovation, our team offers local, flexible, and timely solutions for our clients. We have extensive experience in the following:

Ship Alteration Team (AIT) Technical Support Services

Ship Habitability

Berthing & Messing Renovations

Boiler Room & Commercial Laundry Installations

Metal Recycling Facility Construction

milestone projects


C&S served as Prime Contractor on a Complex Repair Availability for the USS Frederick. Work commenced on September 4, 2001.

When the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center occurred on September 11, work was stopped to allow the Navy and Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard to respond and put extra security in place around the base and the ships. This represented a major contract disruption, and several days were lost. However, C&S worked closely with the Navy to minimize the schedule impact and ensure the repairs were completed on time. Through strong teamwork, communication, and coordination, the project was finished early.

yrbm 32:

C&S was selected to complete repairs to the Navy’s berthing barge after two preceding contractors failed to deliver on their contracts. Work included overhauls of several systems on the vessel, plus habitability as well as air conditioning and refrigeration upgrades. When the work was completed, the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & IMF Commander sent C&S a handwritten note expressing his appreciation.


Contractors must be prepared to change their plans if the Navy needs to send its ships to sea. C&S was Prime Contractor for a Continuous Maintenance Availability aboard the USS Wayne E. Meyer in January 2020.

About halfway through the repair period, the ship received new tasking and was ordered to go to sea one week earlier than anticipated. This reduced the contract period by one week after repairs had already started. The Navy was concerned they would need to cancel contracted repair work to accommodate the ship’s schedule, but the C&S team made accommodations for the urgency of the situation and got the ship to sea on time.


C&S served as Prime Contractor on the USS Port Royal Continuous Maintenance Availability in Spring 2020.

In the middle of COVID-19 lockdowns in April, we worked with the Navy to keep work going and support the fleet while keeping our workers and sailors safe from the pandemic. C&S stepped up during this tough time and provided our consistently high level of customer service. We led a team that replaced major propulsion components, completed complex structural repairs, and prepared the ship to go to sea for the first time in two years. During our repairs, we identified piping runs that were failing prematurely due to galvanic corrosion and engineered a solution that the Navy approved to prevent recurrences. We completed the repairs on time and supported the ship returning to sea.

client roster

licenses & certifications

  • NAVSEA-Licensed ABR #N00024-01-H-8755

  • Hawaii Contractors License No. C-35815, C-4, C-25, C-56

  • Quality Management System: ISO 9001-2015 Certified

  • Safety Program: NAVSEA Standard Item 009-07 Compliant

  • SSPC-QP1 Field Application to Complex Industrial and Marine Structures

  • Weld Qualifications (NAVSEA, ABS, AWS) in SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, Brazing

  • Small Disadvantaged Business SBA 8(a) Graduate


  • Hawaii Governor’s Biennial Pacific Rim Safety & Health Conference—1st Place
    for Excellence in Safety & Health

  • Council of the City and County of Honolulu – Recognition Certificate, June 2021